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The serendipitous story of how I became a photographer started when I was Junior in High School. I was a big computer geek so I signed up for the technology course at school, but it was such a popular subject at the time so the class ended up being full. Because of this, the High School staff had defaulted me to the BW film photography course and that was where the passion for aiming through a viewfinder was cultivated.


As we fast forward throughout the years, I have had the pleasure of photographing weddings, shooting with the event photography crew at (no longer in business), taking various photos of my hobbies, and of course snapping pics at friends/family gatherings.

For several years, my friends, girlfriend at time (now wife), and I would visit as many breweries as we could in order to try the plethora of flavors available. During the Summer of 2014 with the support of my friends and family, I decided to photograph and document one of my other passions…beer! And thus, Brewcrawler was born.

If you are in need of photos for your beer fest or brewpub special event, do not hesitate to contact me. I am an event photographer who specializes in capturing craft beer culture!

Here is a list of the most influential camera artists to my photography career:

Sharon Cooley

Gabe Perez

Mark Andrew Gonzales (RIP)

Randy Panado

Genesis Bacani

Jason Neak

Matt Dela Cruz

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